Welcome to my new blog and chronicle of my forays into fashion and clothes! My name is Erin and while I am a professional in the mental health industry, I love clothes and fabric and color so I make a lot of my own clothes. This blog is dedicated to helping others who share the same passion and I hope to share inspiration as well. I will share my patterns and fabric sources and shamelessly plug the ones I love the best.

To start I thought I’d share my tools of the trade so to speak. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sewing room. I am happy to have half! We have an office/sewing room. Sometimes my husband needs the office computer for something and I want to sew so one of us has to wait for the chair. I am usually relegated to cutting my patterns out in the dining room since I have a big open area and a cardboard cutting surface. It works out great on our hard floors.

I have 2 sewing machines next to each other. I have a very old Pfaff, inherited from my mother-in-law. It is strong and works great for straight and zigzag stitches. I am not sure how the new Pfaffs compare since I think the company has been sold and I don’t think they are made in Germany anymore. Mine is good old German engineering straight from Kaiserslatern. The Mercedes of sewing machines. It is a trooper and the worst thing is it is so powerful that I sometimes get bent or broken needles if the fabric is thick and doesn’t feed well.


Then I have my Janome serger(mine isn’t as nice as the one they have now), inherited from my sister-in-law who used to teach home economics.  She was great at getting equipment that the schools were getting rid of!  I like the Janome but it can be difficult to thread and usually takes me 3 times with the lower looper for some reason.  I have learned to just let the thread break and not work at least twice before I start expecting it to work.  It has been a great little machine for me.  Someday I hope to have an air threading Baby Lock.

Janome Serger

It works great because I just move from the straight stitch machine to the serger to finish the seams. The only thing I miss is the blind hem stitch. My backup machine is a Singer because who wants to stop a project because your machine has to be serviced? I take my machines into Myers Sewing about once a year for servicing.   They are great and help me when I have problems. They have taught me so much.

I’d love to hear what people love about their machines and why they chose them!