Designers I Love!

The more I sew the more I become interested in design and different designers. Now when I see stuff I like I look for more from those designers. Since I am not a big gambler I had time to kill while in Las Vegas. So I shopped for ideas since I couldn’t afford the clothes but those are free! I found one such place in the shops at Caesar’s Forum, Elie Tahari. She had a lot of interesting dresses and vests that were made out of neoprene and reversible. But as I look at the site I think that was last year. Still interesting. Next year’s (2016) shows a lot more lace and primarily white and black.

ELi Tahari

I also have gotten into the show Project Runway. I don’t know why I have never watched this! Maybe it was because I thought it was too much runway looks and unconventional design but I was so wrong. There is a lot of ready to wear inspiration to be had. I saw several things I would buy this season (Season 14).

I can’t decide who I’m hoping will win Season 14 of Runway. I like Swapnil for high fashion style.


But I also like Edmond Newton’s work.

Edmond Newton

I think my overall favorite is going to be Candice Cuoco.


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