Clothing from Scarves: the Top

So I saw this beautiful over shirt in a window in Las Vegas.

1 Scarf poncho inspiration

I just had to go into the store and inspect it closer to see if it was easy to copy.  It looked so easy, like two of the same scarves attached together with a few buttons.  They showed it worn as in the picture or you could turn it to have the buttons go down the front and back and the sides short.   Very cool.

I searched and search and could not find 2 scarves with the great border detailing that would look so good like this.  I settled on a scarf for $11 in a souvenir shop that I could at least try something similar with.  I will keep looking for scarves like these!

So I had a long scarf that I folded in half length-wise and creased.  I found the center by folding it again in half width-wise so I knew where to start my neck hole.  I measured my dress form to estimate how wide I wanted the neck hole to be and cut it.  Tried it on and it fit great, so I used the serger to bind (with a rolled hem) the neck hole with a little stabilizer for support.  You could also use seam binding sewn on if you don’t have a serger.  I put it back on and realized the sleeves (sides) were just too long so I measured to my wrist and shortened them accordingly, again using a rolled hem to finish all four sides.

After trying it on again I thought it would work better if it didn’t fly around so much so I put it on the dress form and sewed 2 seams up the sides with a loose fit.  Ta Da!  Instant (well almost) shirt.

scarf poncho on form

I saw that crop shirts are back in but if you are like most of us, wearing one is just not that flattering.  I got the look of the crop without being too obvious by layering a crop turtle neck under my overshirt.  Paired with a pair of black pants and fun shoes and I am all set!  I received 3 compliments on the first day I wore it!  Some from strangers approaching me in the mall!

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