Pocket Tutorial: Adding Pockets to Pants Part II

Once you get your fabric all cut out, it is time to assemble the pants with the pockets. I will be making a fly front pant out of my favorite pant pattern (McCall’s 5941), using my drafted pocket pattern.

IMG_0567Lay the pocket backs down with the pant front on top. Lay the cut lining piece on top and cut the pant front to match the pocket. I am going to cut 3/8 more inches off because I want to wrap my pocket lining.

IMG_0568Put pocket lining on top of the pant front and serge or sew a straight stitch with a 3/8 inch seam. Iron the pocket open.

IMG_0569           IMG_0570

Then fold it behind the pant front as it will be when worn. Press again and then top stitch if desired.

IMG_0571Line up the pocket back to the pocket front and stitch along the bottom. Feel free to stay stitch the top and side to the pant front as well if it is moving around too much for your tastes. I also baste the pocket closed at this time so everything lays flat.

Now I have a new pant front with a slash pocket in it! I continue to assemble the pants, catching the center front seam into the fly as I make it.


See future pic for the full outfit. Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

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