Must Have Sewing Accessories

Last time I talked about my sewing machines, but they are only part of the whole production. I have to admit that while I like to be organized, my fabric stash is a mess and currently is in bags according to knit or woven. Not great if I am looking for scraps. I love things out where I can see them but then I worry about light damage. So that is a work in progress. At least my thread and tools are organized! I love my peg board.


It is just a piece of peg board framed in molding. I painted it the same colors as the wall and the trim so it blends. I love having all my threads where I can see them easily and I can grab my scissors easily (if I haven’t left them on the ironing board). You can see I have more space to fill and want to add some sort of spools for elastic and other trims.

My favorite accessory by far is my dress form.

Dress Form

I researched this and took a long time making a decision but this one was the best value for the money. I tried to make one out of duct tape like you’ve seen on YouTube and all over the internet. The trick is with those is you have to fill them with something to make them stable. I did as was suggested and used that spray foam insulation but it expanded too much and deformed the shape. So I looked at all those with the dials and adjustments but didn’t think they would accurately match my body. Then I found the Uniquely You dress form. It has been great. You have to custom fit the cover to your body and then squeeze the foam form into your custom cover. The great thing is you can adjust as your body changes. Just whip off the cover and refit (let out usually)! They even sell covers only so you can start over if you need to. It has been great for fitting all kinds of things. I set mine to match my height as well so when I am working with skirts I can look at hem lengths.

No serious clothes sewer should be without a dress form. Next I’ll review some of my past projects and successes over the years.