Details for Inspiration

So I am an idea stealer. I admit it. I read magazines, look in couture shops, drool over pinterest, and surf the web to look for inspiration for sewing. I rarely find something I just love and it’s perfect. It usually has great detail but wrong color. Good color but wrong size. You get what I mean. So if I can get away with it I take pictures of the items that I find and note what I like so I may borrow it someday. Since about 10 years BP (Before Pinterest) I had binders and folders full of clippings and pictures. You remember those scrapbooks? Now I have folders of photos on my computer, phone, and pinterest just for inspiration. Often I just find a pattern to die for but can’t find the right fabric so I must wait.

So I was in store last spring and saw this cute dress and Chanel style jacket with great detail so I snapped a few pictures. Now I don’t wear pink and haven’t found the perfect fabric for this yet but I patiently wait. I’ll know it when I see it.

1 detail inspiration


detail inspiration (2)detail inspiration 3

Here’s the dress with the waist and hem detail.

This would look great in a loose tweed or boucle.   Any one tried this detail yet?